APRIL 2021

APRIL 2021

Technical Support Document for Four Total Maximum Daily Loads for Indicator Bacteria in Tributaries of the Neches River below Lake Palestine, AS-205 (new)

An analysis and report of scientific information required to develop total maximum daily loads to reduce indicator bacteria in portions of Segments 0604A (Cedar Creek), 0604B (Hurricane Creek), 0604C (Jack Creek), and 0604M (Biloxi Creek), all tributaries of the Neches River below Lake Palestine within the Neches River Basin. The study watershed includes portions of Angelina County and the City of Lufkin.


Environmental Health Update from the TCEQ, GI-450 (revised)

Statewide and regional environmental updates on air quality, drinking water quality, lead levels, cancer incidence, and asthma hospitalization rates


Take Care of Texas Sticker, M-17 (revised)

Texas-shaped sticker (4 x 4) with Take Care of Texas logo.


Take Care of Texas Air Activity Poster, M-69 (revised)

Educational poster showing how you can Take Care of Texas to improve environmental quality.


Cuida a Texas, Libro de actividades Estrella Solitaria, M-82esp (new)

Libro de actividades y para colorear en español, para alumnos de grados K a 5. Los perros mascotas Río y Cielo ayudan a los niños a aprender maneras de cuidar el medio ambiente de Texas.


Landowner's Guide to Plugging Abandoned Water Wells, RG-347 (revised)

Guidance on how to properly plug an abandoned water well.


Disposal Guidance for COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits from Schools, RG-504 (revised)

TCEQ regulatory guidance regarding the handling, storage, labeling, transportation, and proper disposal for schools using COVID-19 rapid testing kits.


Preparing Work Plans for Removing Prohibited Waste from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, RG-546 (new)

This document provides guidelines for developing a work plan for removing prohibited wastes from a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill (Prohibited Waste Removal Plan, or PWRP).


MAY 2021

MAY 2021

Area, Region, and Watermaster Offices, M-70 (revised)

Listing of staff in TCEQ's regional offices (formerly GI-002)


River and Sky's Lone Star Activity Book, M-82 (new)

Activity and coloring book for students in grades K-5. Dog mascots River and Sky help kids learn ways to care for the Texas environment.


Improving Water Quality in the Houston Ship Channel: A TMDL Project for Nickel, GI-474 (revised)

Overview of a project to protect the aquatic life use in the Houston Ship Channel.


TCEQ Plan: After-Action Review of Public Water Systems and Winter Storm Uri, GI-598 (new)

TCEQ is conducting an after-action review to evaluate the factors that impacted so many public water systems-of all types-during this storm.


Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting of Free Chlorine and Chloramines, RG-407 (revised)

Shows public water systems that use only purchased water or groundwater how to comply with the disinfectant-level monitoring and reporting requirements of 30 TAC Section 290.110. Includes example calculations, worksheets, sample report, blank report form.


Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite, RG-503 (new)

The information provided in this program guidance is intended to help public water systems monitor, analyze, and report chlorine dioxide and chlorite sample results to TCEQ.


Texas Tier II Chemical Reporting: Fee Schedule, RG-533 (revised)

This guidance-for owners or operators of manufacturing facilities, non-manufacturing facilities, or public employer facilities-describes the fee process and schedules associated with submitting reports for TCEQ's Tier II Chemical Reporting Program.


Community Public Water System Compliance Notebook, Small Business, RG-545 (new)

A tool to help community public water systems gather and organize records needed during inspections. Includes log sheets, links to applicable forms, and other technical guidance.


Compliance Notebook for Transient Noncommunity Public Water Systems, RG-549 (new)

A tool to help transient noncommunity public water systems gather and organize records needed during inspections. Includes log sheets, links to applicable forms, and other technical guidance.


Public Water System Activation and Inactivation Guidance, RG-550 (new)

A guide to help public water systems (PWSs) submit the required documents to activate or inactivate their system.


Is Regionalization an Option?: Evaluating Regionalization for Potential New Public Water Systems, RG-551 (new)

This document provides guidance for public water systems on regionalization and the actions a proposed new public water system must take if there are other retail water utilities available. It explains where the requirements come from and why they are necessary.


JUNE 2021

JUNE 2020

Status Report: Implementing TMDLs to Reduce Phosphorus and Improving Water Quality in the North Bosque River, AS-204 (new)

An annual progress report of environmental improvement due to activities of watershed stakeholders, TCEQ, and TSSWCB in implementing total maximum daily loads to reduce phosphorus and excessive algal growth in the North and Upper North Bosque rivers, Segments 1226 and 1255.


Distritos de Agua de Texas: Una Guia General, GI-43/esp (revised)

Información útil para cualquier persona que resida o sea propietario do una propiedad en un distrito de servicios públicos municipales (municipcal utility districts, MUDs), los distritos de control y mejora de agua (water control improvement districts, WCIDs), los distritos de servicios públicos especiales (special utility districts, SUDs), u otro tipo de distrito de agua en Texas.


Dangers to Avoid in a Flood/Peligros a Evitar Durante una Inundación, M-81 (new)

This double-sided English and Spanish poster illustrates the various hazards that can be present in a flood./Este póster de doble cara en inglés y español ilustra los diversos peligros que pueden presentarse en una inundación.


Air Quality for Permitted Facilities: Responding to a Declared Disaster, RG-517a (revised)

Air quality concerns for permitted facilities responding to a disaster.


Compliance Notebook for Water Haulers, RG-540 (new)

A tool to help drinking water haulers gather and organize records needed during inspections. Includes log sheets, links to applicable forms, and other technical guidance.