Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice Planning provides technical assistance and training for current and prospective criminal justice grantees in the ATCOG region. The Criminal Justice program provides grant assistance and training annually, and receives funding from the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office (CJD).

The Regional Law Enforcement Training program provides basic and advanced training for current and potential law enforcement and corrections officers and telecommunications/dispatchers through East Texas Policy Academy. Students must be sponsored/representing an agency located in the ATCOG region. CJD provides funding to train approximately 700 officers annually. This criminal justice program is funded by a grant through CJD.

If you are interested in law enforcement training at East Texas Police Academy you can: visit their website , call 903-983-8663, or email at [email protected].

The Purchase of Juvenile Services program provides funds to allow juvenile probation departments in the ATCOG region to purchase quality services for juveniles. Juvenile services to be purchased include psychiatric and psychological evaluations, professional therapy and mental health counseling, anger management, sex offender treatment/counseling, polygraph examinations, and parent training/counseling. This program is also funded by a grant through CJD.