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ATCOG Pay and Benefits

Annual Salary: Based on ATCOG Integrated Annual Salary Schedule, which reflects salaries by grade level. See Salary Schedule.

Social Security Tax: 7.65% paid by ATCOG.

Retirement Plan: Effective 1/1/2017, ATCOG staff contributes 4% of wages on a pre-tax basis into the Texas County & District Retirement System, and ATCOG matches the 4% contribution.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan: ATCOG has a Section 125 Plan through which additional Insurance products are offered employees on a pre-tax basis.

Health Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays 100% of each employee’s basic health insurance per month, with the option for employees to “buy up” to a plan with less deductible and/or out of pocket.

Dental Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays 100% of each employee’s dental insurance per month. (Employees have option of paying for health and dental, or just health, or just dental, on family members.)

Life Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays premiums for one (1) times annual salary of employees. (Employees have option of paying for additional life insurance for themselves and family members.)

Longevity Pay Bonus: ATCOG pays on December 31 each year after employee has worked 37 consecutive months a dollar amount times number of months worked. (The dollar amount is set each year by the Board of Directors, but for the past few years has been $3.00 for each month of service.)

Unemployment Insurance: ATCOG pays premiums for unemployment insurance.

Workers Compensation: ATCOG pays premiums for workers compensation benefits.

Vacation: 1-5 years – 10 days; 6-9 years – 12.5 days; 10+ years – 15 days.

Sick Leave: 9 days per year.

Holidays: 12 days paid holidays per year; 2 paid personal days per year.

Salary Schedule Effective 10/1/2019


GRADE 0115,64316,59617,09417,60718,13518,67919,23919,81620,41121,023
GRADE 0221,04221,60122,17322,76023,36323,98224,61825,27025,94126,628
GRADE 0323,33223,95124,58525,23725,90626,59227,29728,02028,76329,525
GRADE 0425,87326,55927,26327,98628,72729,48930,27031,07331,89632,741
GRADE 0528,68929,45030,23031,03131,85432,69833,56434,45435,36736,303
GRADE 0631,80432,64633,51134,40035,31136,24637,20838,19439,20540,244
GRADE 0735,26636,20037,16038,14439,15640,19341,25942,35243,47544,626
GRADE 0838,56839,59040,64041,71742,82243,95745,12246,31747,54548,805
GRADE 0942,76243,89545,05946,25347,47948,73750,02851,35452,71554,112
GRADE 1047,41848,67549,96451,28952,64854,04355,47656,94558,45560,004
GRADE 1152,57653,96955,39956,86758,37459,92161,50963,13964,81266,530
GRADE 1258,29859,84461,42963,05864,72866,44368,20470,01271,86773,772
GRADE 1363,73865,42767,16068,94170,76772,64374,56876,54478,57280,654
GRADE 1470,67372,54674,46976,44278,46880,54782,68284,87387,12289,430
GRADE 1578,36180,43882,56984,75887,00489,30991,67694,10596,59999,159
GRADE 1686,88389,18591,54993,97596,46599,022101,646104,340107,104109,942
GRADE 1796,23898,788101,406104,093106,851109,684112,590115,573118,636121,780
GRADE 18106,707109,535112,437115,417118,475121,614124,837128,145131,542135,028