Doing Business with ATCOG

From requests for bids or proposals to periodic grants, learn about procurement and funding opportunities with the Ark-Tex Council of Governments, and please note that ATCOG can accept unsolicited proposals only in situations that would not be subject to competitive bid.

Prospective vendors should contact staff directly only when instructed as part of a published request for proposals, qualifications, applications or bids.

RFBs, RFPs, RFAs and RFQs

The Region 2 Lower Red-Sulphur-Cypress Regional Flood Planning Group (Region 2 RFPG) is currently accepting proposals for Technical Consulting Services for the Creation of a Regional Flood Plan as defined by the Texas Water Development Board. Proposals must be submitted by email only to Paul Prange,, and will be received until 4:00 p.m. on March 12, 2021. Information for the Request for Proposals and the format required is available on Region 2 RFPG's website at For additional information prior to submitting a proposal or to submit questions regarding the proposal requirements, please contact Paul Prange, Environmental Services Coordinator, 903-255-3519," Click here to download the RFQ.

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Radio Infrastructure Equipment and Installation

Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG) is requesting proposals from qualified sources to provide and install/demolish radio equipment and infrastructure at multiple sites in Lamar, Franklin, and Red River Counties. The RFP document can be found here

Question 1: Can a proposal be submitted for only a portion of the locations in the statement of work rather than all the locations listed?

Answer 1: Yes. Proposals can be submitted for a single location, multiple locations, or all locations listed in the RFP since ATCOG may award to multiple vendors if it benefits ATCOG to do so.

Question 2: We received notice that some of the equipment listed in the RFP will not be supported in the near future. Can we include pricing for alternate equipment instead? We would like to include pricing in our proposal for two (2) Zetron Max radio dispatch consoles (part number 905-0380) and three (3) Kenwood ATLAS 4100 p25 100 watt VHF Repeaters.

Answer 2: Yes. Please include pricing for the equipment listed in the original RFP as well as pricing for the alternate equipment and provide a clear statement why the alternate equipment is needed and the benefit.

Question 3: I am aware that the grant for the Lamar County equipment is $163,652.17. Is it possible to alter the Zetron MAX Dispatch Console and Atlas 1200 repeater quote amounts as long as the $163,652.17 is not exceeded?

Answer 3: While the total amount of the grant for the Lamar County communications project is $163,652.17, other expenses are factored into that total in addition to the equipment/installation expenses. Please submit your best price for the project. ATCOG will be evaluating the proposals based on overall price as well as the other factors listed in the RFP. ATCOG has not placed pricing limits on individual pieces of equipment. Please include pricing for the equipment listed in the original RFP as well as pricing for the alternate equipment and provide a clear statement why the alternate equipment is needed and the benefit.

Question 4: We would like to use a subcontractor for a portion of the project. Please clarify if this is allowable.

Answer 4: Subcontracting is allowable when authorized by ATCOG. Please state the names of the subcontractors that will be involved in the projects in your proposal. Subcontractors must submit the required certifications and assurances, as well as the primary contractor, to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws. ATCOG must approve all subcontractors before work is performed by the subcontractor.

Question 5: Can you clarify if minority owned contractors receive additional points or preferences?

Answer 5: No additional points will be provided for being a minority owned business. We encourage minority owned businesses to submit proposals. All proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria listed in the RFP.

Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFQ) for Office Space Building Renovation

Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG) is requesting statements of qualifications from qualified sources to design building plans for commercial building office space renovations. The RFQ document can be found here.