CEDS Report

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is a survey conducted on the economic state of the North East Texas Economic Development District (NETEDD)  as mandated by the EDA. This survey addresses the strengths and weaknesses of NETEDD, which consists of eleven counties encompassing over 6,500 square miles which is home to approximately 293,000 people.

The survey is completed with input from individuals from all over the NETEDD region including, but not limited to, economic development managers, city managers, chambers of commerce, representatives from housing, education, and health, political and public advocates, and other interested parties. The CEDS is conducted every fives years to assess the economic progress made in the region and to set new economic goals for the region. The most recent CEDS Report was completed in 2018 and is available upon request from ATCOG

CEDS Summary of Requirements from the US Department of Commerce.