Additional Services

Advocacy Services

Provide information to individuals and groups on understanding the legal rights of Texans 60 years of age and older and those under 60 with Medicare.

Case Management Services

Provide ongoing individual assessment of needs, arrangement of necessary care and services, and follow-up monitoring. Health/Screening Services provide a qualified health professional to determine the need for health services.

Homemaker Services

Provide a trained homemaker for light housework, planning and preparing meals.

Information and Assistance Services

1.800.372.4464.  Provide specific information to clients, their advocate or provider about available public and volunteer services and resources for senior citizens. A follow up may be included.

Nutrition Services

Provide a hot meal in each Senior Center which meets 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary allowance. Meals for homebound clients may also be available. Additionally, the program provides information to promote and protect the nutritional well-being of older Texans.

Senior Centers

Provide social and learning environments in each county for its 60(+) residents. Activities include arts and crafts, bingo, and nutritional/health information and more.

Transportation Services

Provide funding for qualified drivers to transport individuals 60 years and older from one location to another and to assist to/from a vehicle and to/from their destination.