Law Enforcement Agencies
Bi-State Justice Center (Bowie & Miller) 903-798-3504
Bowie County Juvenile Justice 903-791-1707
Bowie County Sheriff Department 903-223-8726
Federal Correctional Institute (Bowie) 903-838-4587
Police Departments
Atlanta, TX 903-796-7973
Avinger, TX
Bloomburg, TX 903-728-5323
Bogata, TX 903-632-4619
Clarksville, TX 903-427-3836
Como, TX 9003-488-3434
Cumby, TX 903-994-2272
Daingerfield, TX 903-645-2114
DeKalb, TX 903-667-2095
Domino, TX 903-796-2843
Hooks, TX 903-547-2222
Hughes Springs, TX 903-639-2621
Lone Star 903-656-2491
Mt Pleasant, TX 903-575-4004
Mt Vernon, TX 903-537-4539
Naples, TX 903-897-5321
Nash, TX 903-838-0822
Naples, TX 903-897-5321
Paris, TX` 903-784-6688
Queen City, TX 903-796-7986
Sulphur Springs, TX 903-884-7601
Texarkana, AR 903-798-3130
Texarkana, TX 903-798-3116
Wake Village, TX 903-838-0515
Sheriff Departments
Bowie 903-798-3149
Cass 903-156-7511
Delta 903-395-2146
Franklin 903-537-4539
Hopkins 903-438-4040
Lamar 903-737-2400
Morris 903-645-2235
Red River 903-427-3838
Titus 903-572-6641
Miller (AR) 870-773-6286
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